These video tutorials are to ease the new users into the wonders of Pixinsight

I will not be talking too technical during the videos concentrating on the how and leaving the why for another time

I remember first using pixinsight and being overpowered by the complex appearance and indeed there are some complex processes , but I aim to show that good results can be achieved fairly easily.

I can assure you once hooked on pixinsight you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Please click on a image to see more information on each video and download them

The Videos will start playing when you click on them or right click and "save target as"

I hope they are of help and let me know if you have further suggestions

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I suggest that the video's are viewed in order as they are listed below as this was how I used the tools shown to process the Image of M106 contained within them

It is Also the workflow that I use on many of my images (left to right)

Please have a look at the user guide for more infomation on each Process

If you wish to experiment with the M106 images in the video's you can download them here

M106 RGB ( 70 meg ) and M106 Lum ( 14 meg)


intro   stack

Pixinsight Introduction and Overview


Image Alignment and Integration


Screen Transfer Function and image cropping

Updated to ver 1.8


RGB Channel Combination

Updated to ver 1.8


DBE Magic

Updated to ver 1.8

Colour Calibration

updated to ver 1.8

dbe   hdr

Histogram Transformation

Updated to ver 1.8


HDR Multiscale Transform

Updates to ver 1.8



Noise reduction


Masked saturation boost


LRGB Combination

Updated to ver 1.8




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